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Why Kevlar?

Many people have asked why we decided to put a layer of Kevlar in our Rhino Outlet Security Safety

Neck pouch. That is a very good question.

It all started when our market research revealed that in addition to our Security Travel Money Wallet many of our wonderful customers added a neck pouch to their shopping cart. Obviously these smart customers felt they needed both a waist wallet and a neck pouch. This way although a potential thief might spot the waist bag, they would miss the neck stash – or vice versa. Of course it could simply be that one person preferred a money belt and the other wanted a neck wallet. Either way, we knew it was time for Rhino Outlet to step up and meet the need for a very high quality and functional neck pouch.

So began our research phase where we purchased the top selling neck pouches to find their good and bad qualities. There are over 150 neck wallets available on Amazon for you to choose from. Some of these products are of exceptional quality and design. However, we noticed several issues by direct observation and from reading hundreds of customer reviews.

Our major concern was that none of these amazing products offers a break-away lanyard. This is a huge safety hazard and you can read all about it in another article called “Break-Away Safety Lanyard” on the Rhino Outlet website. Suffice it to say that putting a strong cord around your neck is never a safe

practice and when that cord is attached to something of value it is even worse. Here at Rhino Outlet we

decided that our Neck Pouch must be equipped with a no-choke, break-away lanyard for safety.

Another problem area is with the RFID fabric placement. Keep in mind that in order to block RFID

signals emitted by chips in your passport and some credit cards, RFID fabric must completely encase the items you wish to protect. Some neck pouches only have one RFID fabric panel, which will not block RFID signals. For that reason we used two layers of RFID fabric - front and back - and extra RFID layers around the credit card slots. This ensures that anything you place inside your Security Safety Neck Pouch will be protected from identity theft.

Most Amazon reviewers wanted a zippered ID window – check. They wanted a coin pouch – check. Many wanted to wear their pouch on their belt – check. People wanted a pen holder – check. It had to have a comfortable, moisture-wicking mesh back panel – check. They wanted the strap to be removable – check, check and double check!

Our team also picked up on the fact that many lanyards kept getting tangled in the Velcro closures.

Each time we yanked the cord off the Velcro, the cord became a little more frazzled and before long it

looked as if it had been chewed up by a wild Sumatran rhinoceros! We required a cord made of a fabric

that isn’t allergic to Velcro.

After hours of research, reading, comparison and observation with all our improvements, our team took a long hard look and asked, “How can we make this neck pouch even better?” We knew that the neck pouch would protect the items placed inside it, but what if we could make a neck pouch that actually protected the person wearing it?

And, that is when the Kevlar fabric idea came up. Now, please, don’t jump to any conclusions here. We all know that Kevlar is the miracle fabric used in bulletproof vests. But what you may not know is that it takes well over 25 layers of Kevlar and strategically placed steel pads to stop a bullet fired at close range. The one layer of Kevlar in the Rhino Outlet Neck Pouch might stop a BB, but it would still hurt!

Kevlar has many benefits other than being stronger than a speeding bullet. Kevlar is heat-resistant, it is very hard to burn, it is extremely hard to cut and it is even more durable than the skin of a rhino! By placing a layer of this amazing fabric inside the Rhino Outlet Security Safety Neck Pouch, we added all these incredible benefits to an already superb product.

This baby is as tough as nails (technically it is tougher), it could potentially protect you from a slicing knife attack, it will hold its shape even after multiple washings, it won’t burn easily, and if it did catch on fire you’d have extra time to save your valuables. And folks, that’s why we chose Kevlar.

Plain and simple, the Rhino Outlet Security Safety Neck Pouch is the absolute, without a doubt, best travel neck pouch available today. We’ve looked at over 150 neck pouches for you and realistically, notone of them even comes close.

Our goal is to add delight to your travel adventures and we firmly believe that the Rhino Outlet Security Safety Neck Pouch will do just that. And if it doesn’t, or if you are not 100% satisfied with your

purchase, just let us know and I will stroke you a check for every penny of your purchase. Plus if this

neck pouch is ever damaged, stolen or lost, we will send you another one – free of charge! (You only pay

the shipping costs.)

And here at Rhino Outlet, we are a bunch of charging Rhino’s on a mission to add delight to your travel adventures. Join us at and become a member of the Rhino Crash!

Gary Aydelott


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