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Big News - Full Replacement

Rhino Outlet, online marketer and seller on Amazon of high quality travel products, announced today that they will upgrade their lifetime warranty to include full replacement if their products are ever damaged in any way or even lost. The Rhino Outlet retailer is known for donating a portion of every purchase to help prevent the extinction of the rhinoceros. In an unprecedented move, Rhino Outlet will now replace any of their products if they are damaged, lost or misplaced.

Rhino Outlet's social mission to help the rhinoceros is a core component of the company's identity. "We feel that by adopting the name "Rhino Outlet" we have an obligation to help save rhinos from poachers and those who destroy their natural habitat," says company founder, Gary Aydelott. Rhino Outlet hopes to donate a minimum of $5,000 toward helping the rhinoceros over the next 24 months. After a very successful launch of the Rhino Outlet Security Travel Money Wallet last November, they are well on their way to meeting and exceeding that worthwhile objective.

The socially conscious attitude parallels their desire to add delight to the traveler's experience. "Our promise is that if you purchase a Rhino Outlet product, you will have a more delightful travel experience than you would if you purchased any other product on the market," says Aydelott. To that end, not only does Rhino Outlet provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but as of January 1, 2016 any of their products that are damaged or lost will be replaced free of charge – except for shipping cost.

Support of the rhinoceros while adding delight to the travel experience is the very essence of Rhino Outlet. "With the addition of replacement for damage or loss everyone wins," says Aydelott, "Our travelers have fewer worries, the rhinos get more protection, and we can continue to offer excellent travel products at competitive prices."

Visit the Rhino Outlet Storefront here.


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