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No More Separation Anxiety

Whether an adventure seeker travels, hikes, rock climbs, snow skis, runs, jogs, does triathlons or even goes to an amusement park there will come a time when they must separate themselves from something of great value. This may be car keys, hotel keys, cash, passport, traveler's checks, or any number of personal items. At some point the question of where to safely stow these items for safe keeping will raise its ugly head. They may wonder if it would be better to carry such items in hand, even though it will be inconvenient.

The ability or inability to choose a safe storage place will even have a direct impact on how much enjoyment and relaxation that is experienced. Who has not left extra cash in their hotel room and fifteen minutes into the concert had second thoughts? Who has not placed their passports in the hotel safe and wondered if the maids know the code to open the safe? Who hasn't left jewelry, documents, small electronics or other valuables in their room only to come back and see their hotel room door standing wide open while the maid is cleaning the room across the hall? Of course, the answer is that everyone faces this sort of anxiety when they become separated from something that is very important to them. This separation anxiety probably started when as a very small child watching their parent, caregiver or sibling walk away without knowing if they would ever come back. This feeling is basically the same psychological condition called separation anxiety disorder (SAD) which is common in infants between the ages of six to seven months to three years. Only now it affects full grown adults! Even on an innocuous adventure like a canoe trip, it may be necessary to leave behind battery operated car keys, so they won't get wet or even worse, lost in the river. But trying to find a safe place to stash them could cause major anxiety. Locking keys inside the vehicle is not an option, nor is leaving the vehicle unlocked, but where to place keys where they won't be discovered becomes a stressful task. In the old days, placing keys on top of the wheel, or up under the rear bumper worked fine. These obvious hiding places may not provide the assurance that is needed. A relaxing trip could turn into an anxious race to make it back before someone finds the secret hiding place.

The person who has this form of separation anxiety may find that the best cure is simply to keep their belongings with them. Luckily, the most valuable items are smaller and easier to carry. However, they also cause more anxiety when left behind. An answer to this dilemma may be a secure travel money belt that will safely store small but essential items by hiding them beneath a person's clothing. By keeping these items, out of sight, convenient, and totally safe, it adds delight to traveling and eliminates separation anxiety. After all, no one wants to feel anxious when trying to relax and enjoy their experience. -------------------------------------

Rhino Outlet wants to put delight in the travel experience. They bring the highest quality, innovative products, offer the best value for the money and back it up with a lifetime, full replacement guarantee. They will even replace the Security Travel Wallet Money Belt should a traveler lose it. Shop now at

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