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Break-Away Safety Lanyard

The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) reported 359,130 household accidents that required a hospital visit occurred in American homes during 2015. Of those, 352 were caused by clothing or accessories. Yes, people do get injured by the clothes they wear, in every way from stepping on a belt buckle (ouch!) to tripping over suit cases (Watch out travelers!)

Amazingly many people are injured each year with the straps that are used to hold personal items. These straps seem to get caught in our feet, escalators, elevator doors, car doors, trailer hitches, dog leashes, trees, trash cans, latches, chairs and even a passing motorcycle. When that strap happens to be around your neck, things can go from bad to worse very quickly.

This is why OSHA recommends a break-away safety lanyard for anyone who must wear an ID badge. It is also why Dunkin' Donuts recalled approximately one million promotional lanyards after realizing how dangerous they can be. The CPSC claimed that the lanyards, which held a free give-away toy glow stick around the child’s neck, could be a strangulation risk. Though no injuries were reported, this was a very expensive mistake.

Obviously, any situation involving children requires the use of lanyards that will release quickly and easily. Children at play face many potential hazards. A lanyard can get grabbed by another child, caught on playground equipment, or anything else and quickly become a very serious choking hazard. A break-away lanyard will allow the child to easily free themselves.

The need for breakaway lanyards is so critical that many schools around the world are reforming their safety rules. Many are making it mandatory for all lanyards to include some type of breakaway mechanism. Breakaway clasps are affordable and long lasting, and high quality clasps will remain effective after being attached and detached repeatedly.

Children aren't the only ones who benefit from a break-away attachment. Travelers who use neck pouches to carry personal valuables are also at risk. Professional pickpockets have been known to use surgical scissors to cut lanyards without the traveler’s knowledge. In an effort to guard against this practice some neck wallet manufacturers place wires in the lanyard or increase its tensile strength.

This is the proverbial “from the frying pan into the fire” situation, as the risk of losing your valuables could easily become the risk of losing your life! Placing an almost unbreakable cord around your neck is never a safe practice and when that cord is attached to something of value, it is even worse – much worse. The marketing team at Rhino Outlet looked at the top selling neck pouches on Amazon and noticed that not one had a break-away lanyard. Some even made note of the incredible strength of the lanyard as a potential benefit.

At Rhino Outlet our goal is to add delight to your travel adventures and we have introduced our new Security Safety Neck Pouch with the very first no-choke, break-away lanyard. The break-away clasps are made of high quality plastic that can attach and detach many times with no degradation in holding power. The clasps are designed to hold your neck pouch securely with normal use, but will release when they receive a violent tug.

Because both ends of the lanyard have the release mechanism, if tugged, your neck pouch would fall into your lap or stay hidden securely under your clothing. This would allow the would-be thief to leave holding only the lanyard in hand. We feel that this new no-choke, break-away lanyard is the safest and most secure neck pouch on the market. It is versatile and can be worn over one shoulder with the same safe break-away advantage, or it can be worn at the waist using the convenient belt loops.

We use the highest quality 210 Ripstop nylon reinforced with a layer of Kevlar for added durability, layers of RFID blocking fabric on both the front and back, and provide the absolute best guarantee on the planet. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product tell us and we will refund your money. If you ever damage or lose your neck pouch we will send you a replacement – you only pay the shipping costs.

When you add in our support of the International Rhino Foundation, you have an unbeatable combination. With your purchase of any Rhino Outlet product, we donate $1 to the IRF to help prevent the extinction of these amazing creatures. Get yours today at

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