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Do you look like a tourist?

They finally arrive to their dream destination. They're far from the hectic schedule of the 9-to-5 grind, and even sweeter, an ocean away. They can skip juggling kids, errands and obligations. Time to kick back, relax and disappear into this new land of escape and adventure.

These American travelers think they blend in with the locals, but they should think again. According to travel and security experts, they stick out in the crowd like a sore thumb. Yep, that baseball team sports hat or T-shirt will give them away, not to mention their American accent or anxious gazing at street signs and bus schedules.

They are an easy target for pickpockets who use their distraction to prey on them all hours of the day and night. When and where should they be on the alert? Security officials recommend they secure their valuables while at museums, historical monuments and architectural buildings, shops and markets, restaurants, metro systems, canals, and all outdoor attractions.

Currently, some popular cities reporting high incidents of pickpocketing are: Barcelona, Rome, Praque, Madrid, Paris, Florence, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Athens and Hanoi. Unfriendly pickpocket schemes could ruin a trip to these wonderful cities.

Crowded areas, such as the wide pedestrian walkway in Barcelona and the Trevi Fountain in Rome, are ideal places to have a purse or wallet snatched within the blink of an eye. Even more frightening, digital pickpockets simply have to stand near an unsuspecting victim to download information stored on RFID chips embedded in a passport or credit card. Identify theft is not on someone's mind when buying an airline ticket to the perfect vacation spot.

Both security and travel experts suggest many defense tactics to protect cash and other valuable items while traveling. One being to never keep a wallet or items of value in a back pocket since that is an easy target. Travelers should always use caution around strangers regardless of their age and should be on the alert if someone drops something, spills something on them or simply bumps into them.

One of the best recommendations from trusted experts is to use a hidden travel money wallet to conceal cash, passport and valuables so they are out of sight and out of reach. The best travel wallet has an elastic belt and is worn around the waist and beneath clothing, such as a sweater, or jacket.

Travelers should do their research and purchase a travel money wallet that combines quality, durability, comfort and functionality. They are recommended to look for features such as ripstop nylon, RFID blocking fabric to stop identify theft (keeps chips on cards from being read), elastic belts that accommodate all waist sizes, high thread count stitching for lasting strength, plenty of large pockets, mesh compartments for smaller items and breathable mesh backing for comfort. The Rhino Outlet Security Travel Money Wallet has all these important features, and is constructed of the highest quality materials, plus comes with a 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee even if it is lost or stolen.

By far, the smartest travel accessory purchase is a travel money wallet. The reward is peace of mind, worry-free travel, and wonderful memories.


Rhino Outlet wants to add more delight to your travel adventure. They bring the highest quality, innovative products, offer the best value for the money and back it up with a lifetime, full replacement guarantee. They will even replace the Security Travel Money Wallet should a traveler lose it.

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