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The Gift Mom Will Wear Every Day

She's your coach, your cook, your housekeeper, your psychologist. Add to that, facilities manager and chief executive officer, plus the van and laundry machine operator. You might say she's the world's answer to your fairy godmother.

In her magical attire of yoga pants and dad's tee, she waves her Electrolux wand to bring you the perfect birthday celebrations, handmade costumes, and ooey gooey brownies while you get to stay up til midnight. If you feel you haven't shown her enough how much she's appreciated, don't fret because a day is coming up just for that purpose.

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the first Mother’s Day and and it is now an annual event to pay homage to the most amazing woman in your life. A special day is worthy of a special gift. Not just a gift that speaks gratitude and love, but a gift that speaks it every day. Well, Rhino Outlet has the gift that mom will want to wear every day!

The Security Travel Money Wallet. Versatile and lightweight, mom will want to wear it everywhere she goes to keep her cell phone, keys and cash secure and at hand. No longer will she be burdened with dragging along or losing a bulky purse at the playground, grocery store, school or sports event, gym or trips to Disney. Indulge her with freedom and more fun.

Worn around the waist over clothing it is very stylish even with yoga pants! Hidden beneath a shirt, sweater or jacket it keeps shifty eyes and pickpockets at bay. Just perfect to wear on a night out with the ladies or on a cruise ship.

Moms are picky and yours will love the durable tear resistant nylon, handy zipper pulls, extra compartments, and special RFID blocking fabric to protect bank cards from digital theft.

Busy creative moms everywhere have been discovering many uses for our travel wallet, including as a coupon holder. Why not get an extra one just to hold her fairy dust!

Selecting the Rhino Outlet Security Travel Money Wallet this Mother’s Day will get you big points with mom. Enough points to extend the stroke of midnight straight through college and beyond. Order one today!

We wish your amazing mom a very blessed and happy Mother’s Day.

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Rhino Outlet donates a portion of all sales of its travel wallet to the International Rhino Foundation to support their efforts to save the rhino.

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