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Revolutionary Travel Accessory

Tennessee based Rhino Outlet has introduced a revolutionary new money belt RFID blocking travel wallet designed to address the most common complaint of travelers who use the most popular travel money belts on the market.

After conducting extensive research and interviewing frequent travelers that typically use existing money belts both on domestic and international trips, Rhino Outlet realized that the belt holding the wallet was most often the source of displeasure. The belt would often pinch or bind, the midpoint buckle would dig into the back muscles, the belt was too tight, the latch was either too hard to open or opened too easily and quite often the belt simply pulled lose from the wallet.

"Travelers were finding that the most common point of displeasure came from the strap that goes around their waist. What good is a secure wallet if the belt holding it is too tight and uncomfortable or it comes apart right when you need it most?” observed Gary Aydelott, the founder of Rhino Outlet and person primarily responsible for the quality behind the Rhino Outlet secure travel wallet money belt.

Mr. Aydelott was committed to designing a travel wallet money belt that would delight even the most discerning travelers. He and his team spent months examining and traveling with other hidden travel wallets before coming up with the design features for the Rhino Outlet secure travel wallet money belt.

True to his promise that when you use a Rhino Outlet travel product you will enjoy your travel more than if you had purchased any other product on the market, Mr. Aydelott obsessed over details and focused on using the highest quality materials that were strong, comfortable and will last the test of time.

Anyone who tries this money belt will quickly realize that the belt and buckle are among many high quality components in this innovative product. The side release buckles are easy to operate but won't accidentally come undone. The soft itch-free strap and the moisture-wick backing has been carefully selected so that the belt will feel comfortable against the skin for extended periods of time in all climates.

The Rhino Outlet money belt is made of 210D ripstop nylon fabric which is much more durable than the polyester and three times stronger than 70D ripstop used in other money belts. The travel wallet features two zippered pockets for easy organization of keys, passports, currency and credit cards.

All Rhino Outlet products come with a 100% money back, full replacement, lifetime guarantee. Rhino Outlet guarantees that they will provide any customer that is not completely satisfied with their purchase with a full refund. Also, should the secure travel wallet money belt become damaged or lost, Rhino Outlet will provide a replacement, free of charge – only a shipping charge is required.

This incredible guarantee along with the Rhino Outlet $1 donation to the International Rhino Foundation for every purchase made makes it an easy choice when a traveler is selecting products to make traveling safe and fun. Get yours now here.


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