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It's the weekend.

Time for travel, 


and fun!

It's not fun to be

dragged down with

a bulky backpack,

bag, or purse.

If you're hands-free and worry-free, nothing stands in your way

of having the time of your life and making lasting memories.

offers high-quality, travel accessories

that will  put an end to stress 

and make your adventures more delightful.

International travel, cruises, casinos, festivals, concerts, weekend getaways.

Cash, credit cards, passport and keys are secure and easily accessible.

RFID blocking fabric prevents cloning of credit cards by digital pickpockets.

Jeff shares on Amazon 

his travel experience with his Rhino Outlet Travel Wallet:

"I tried this out recently on a business trip and it worked perfectly. It is very comfortable and has a breathable backing. I was very impressed that while wearing it, nobody can tell you have it on under your clothes. I would highly recommend this product to anyone needing to conceal money, credit cards etc. for travel."

You should get one!

Purchase with Purpose - Save the Rhino!

click the button to shop the

Rhino Outlet Online Store

All Rhino Outlet Wallets have a Lifetime Warranty.

Go on, dive right in!


"I have more freedom

with less bags to keep up with. I don't set my purse down and walk off without it anymore. There are plenty of compartments, too."


"All my stuff is in one place at my waist in my Rhino travel wallet.  Now if I need to reach for something like, say, my phone, I don't have to stretch too far and risk a crash."


"I wear my Rhino Outlet waist bag 24/7 and sometimes I forget I have it on -- it's just so thin and comfortable! I already have enough to keep up with let alone have to stop and look for my keys or phone. At the event, I simply hide it beneath my blouse or jacket."


"The faster, higher and crazier the ride, the more I like it.  That's the sauce! Sometimes I don't know if I am up, down, on or off the planet, man, but I always know Rhino Outlet has got my back. Lost a cell phone once, but with the neck pouch under my shirt, I won't lose one ever again." 

Remove lanyard to attach to belt.


"I like how the Rhino neck pouch fastens to my belt. I always worry about losing my wallet or someone grabbing it out of my back pocket. Another cool thing, my phone fits perfectly into the back zippered pocket on the neck pouch."


"I have the neck pouch and my girlfriend has the travel wallet.  We have a better experience because we know our cash and personal items are safe and hidden, especially in tight crowds."

Everyone can benefit from Rhino Outlet travel accessories!

Teachers, Runners, Event Staff, Motorcycle Riders, Casino Players, Festival Attendees, Festival Vendors, Cruisers, Military Personnel, Weight Lifters, Nurses and Medical Professionals, EMTs, Paramedics, Surfers and Road Crews.

Rhino Outlet Travel Wallets can be worn  

around waist, over torso or shoulder, or attached to waist belt.

Security Safety Neck Pouch

Only brand worldwide

with the

no-choke, break-away

safety lanyard 

and flame-retardant

kevlar reinforcement.

Versatile - Wear several ways, including hidden

beneath clothing.

So versatile and lightweight!   Wear hidden beneath or over clothing.

Security Travel

Money Wallet 

- Water Resistant 210D Ripstop Nylon

         won't snag even if cut

- Double Layer of RFID Blocking Fabric

         protection from identity theft

- Wide Adjustable Belt

        fits waist sizes 22 to 66 inches

Rhino Outlet donates a portion of its profits to the International Rhino Foundation to support their work in saving the rhinoceros from extinction.

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